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Beetles of Poland
updated: 22 IV 2013 07:21

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Coleoptera Poloniae is a country-wide scientific project aiming to create a complete and up-to-date source of knowledge on beetle fauna of Poland. It has emerged from within the Polish Biodiversity Information Network, as a joint initiative of the University of Warsaw and the Museum and Institute of Zoology PAS, being built in cooperation with many specialists from different organizations.

We plan to use all available sources of information on distribution and biology of the species, starting from 23 volumes of the Catalogus Faunae Poloniae (=KFP, Part XXIII — Coleoptera), published in 1971-2000 by the Museum and Institute of Zoology PAS. Its transformed content will constitute the core of of the information system of the project — the Coleoptera@PL Database.

Currently, we have completed the first stage of the project, i.e. digitization of information stored in the published part of the Catalogue. A summary of the works can be seen at the Coleoptera@PL Database page.

The illustrations have been kindly provided by Iconographia Coleopterorum Poloniae.